divendres, 4 de juliol de 2008

Girona m'enamora

GIRONA M'ENAMORA (Ricard Viladesau)

Salut, oh noble Girona

heroica i senyora

ciutat immortal

orgull dels catalans.

Ets lleial

majestuosa i comtal

nostre cap i casal

i els gironins t'enyorem

si un dia ens trobem lluny de tu

Perquè Girona ens enamores

i et portem sempre, al cor.

i et portem sempre al cor

Pàtria nostra que tant ens enamores.

Girona t'enamora a tu

m'enamora a mi

a tothom ens enamora

les seves gestes són orgull

d'un passat gloriós

que canta la nostra història.

Oh terra brava la més catalana

bresol vivent de la gegant sardana

ens enamores i ens enamoraràs eternament.


Health, oh Girona nobleman

heroic and woman

immortal city

pride of the Catalans.

You are loyal

majestic and count

ours boss|head and mansion

and we, the inhabitants of
Girona, miss you

if a day we are far from you

Because you captivate Girona
for us

and we always bring you, into our

and we always bring
you into our heart

Homeland of ours that so much you
captivate us.

Girona captivates you

it captivates me

it captivates everybody for us

its exploits are a pride

of a glorious past

that it sings our

Oh brave land the most

living bresol of the giant sardana

you captivate us and you will captivate us

dissabte, 28 de juny de 2008

About this Blog

These last weeks I saw that my english is really poor, I improved (or recovered) it a little, but is not enough. That's why, I decided to start a blog in english. Some times I will write the same in catalan my own language.

Maybe some of the visitors can think that it will talk about pseudocode, but it's not true, pseudocodi (pseudocode in catalan) is one of my nick names.

The firsts articles that I have now in mind will be about Girona (my city) Catalonia, Spain and myself.

Well this is all for now.